I pretty much love everything to do with travel. From meeting new people, to traveling to new places, to growing as a human being when you put both of these together. I think no matter how much you travel, you’re always a beginner, because every place you go is something new, something wild. I’m both a beginner, amateur and expert traveler all rolled into one.

The drop downs in the menu include thoughts on travel and experiences, advice to those who are just starting to get out there and explore, and everything in between. I can also talk for days on end about health and fitness and the benefits thereof. Exercise is my meditation and I love sharing the benefits of all the knowledge and tips I have collected (and implemented) from the health and fitness community. I draw on everything from the inspirational every day people to the leaders in the industry to help me improve and share what has worked for me. Results are compelling.

I don’t know it all, but I’ve learned a hell of a lot and class is always in session.

I love sharing and receiving feedback in equal doses, so don’t be a stranger and come say hi! My social media page has all the links you can follow for all communication and collaboration as I love the community that travel has created for us all.

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31-MAY-17 UPDATE: Starting a new series, “Do you even?!”. When I started with Do you even Airport?! for this website, it was by far the funnest piece I’ve written yet. I want to keep exploring this ‘do you even’ concept (as I love a bit of sarcasm) so I’ve created a new menu for this in the Travel section.

Please share, comment and like if you can relate!

Lanzarote, Canary Islands. 2005.

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