So, you come here often?

You arrive at a hostel, scan the surroundings, then claim your room/bunk/floor space. There’s a few people in the common area chatting in groups of two’s and above. Once your overdue for a wash belongings are stowed,  just sit there and read a book and see if the party comes to you. Nope. Ok fine, still on my own.  Time to break out the beers and play a card game of snap with yourself. A little better, some wary inquiries to see if you’re OK or perhaps would like to turn that into a game of shit-head (this game goes by a number of aliases, but hands down best card game ever).

Yes you reply.

I know for myself I’m a very shy person until I introduce myself. Once I do, just try and stop me. The first part can be tough, the next, a walk in the park. What’s your ice-breaker move for the new space on the next leg of the adventure?

I have normally relied on a group of friends for my back-up, but fuck me if it doesn’t take a year and a day to get out the door sometimes when the group is deciding what to do. Recent years have seen me try my own luck abroad for a variety of reasons. What a change for the best. Self reliance is amazing. The pay off,  incredible. Obscure and unexpected adventures are my drug, well, besides actual drugs. This is not new for most and a corny saying at it’s best, but the key word on any trip is “yes”. Do you want to come visit these temples? Sure. Would you like to drink this home made wine with a scorpion in it? Why not. How about come release some baby turtles into the ocean? Obvs YES. Perhaps a mystery adventure in my friends tuk tuk in Siem Riep to an unmarked  army base to let off a few high calibre rounds? Where do I sign.

To do list: Watch the movie “Yes man” with Jim Carey before any adventure.

Where has the word yes taken you recently? Do you find it easy to mix with people in new setting or is some Dutch courage required to get things going?

It’s interesting and a little bit surprising how much other travelers are open to unsolicited interactions with other fellow travelers. I mean, that’s the point of travel right? Meet other people, create connections and forge new memories. Everyone is in the same mindset (generally, there’s a few weirdos out there), so be the first one to make the move. At the very least, you made it easier for someone else to break the ice, and myriad new pathways are opened up on both your journey and the journey of other’s. So do a service to the world community and say hello. That wallflower is now a wallbanger.

Party on Dave.




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