Belize Diaries – Day 10

We pick up the story from the border of Guatemala and Belize. It only took just over 2 hours to get here from Flores, the main jumping off point for visiting the Mayan ruins of Tikal, and a sweet little island town in its' own right. Our bus driver has just finished his breakfast and … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 10

Belize Diaries – Day 8 & 9

I'll blend a couple of days together for this entry as not much was going. Another rainy and volatile day. Took the kayak out for the sole hour of sun. Perfect timing, Chris, that was quickly jinxed by applying sunscreen after getting back in. My time here at Caye Caulker has run its course. So … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 8 & 9

Belize Diaries – Day 7

Not really much to share today in the way of adventuring. As a rule so far, the weather has given us respite starting at around mid morning towards the middle of the day. Just some people watching with a lazy beer and coconut to pass the time while watching a girl serve a volleyball into … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 7

Belize Diaries – Day 6

I was smart last night and took the time to rehydrate before bed. There was not much on the cards apart from kayaking around the entire southern portion of Caye Caulker and catching up some people for an NFL game at the sports bar. After spending a day on a boat snorkelling, it was the … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 6

Belize Diaries – Day 5

After resisting getting up at 6 am and treating myself to a sleep in until 8 am, I'll take the advice of some of the Koko King happy hour companions and sign up for a full day snorkel trip with Raggamuffin tours. Weather has been touch and go so far, and this morning was no … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 5

Belize Diaries – Day 4

Another restful night greeted with ninja like hostel companions. To say the least, I was not hopeful at best with the expected noise level of sharing a hostel dorm with 13 Colombians. To my delight, they were the most courteous roommates I think I've had. So far the weather on Caye Caulker has been rainy, … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 4

Belize Diaries – Day 3

The difference 11 hours sleep can make. I was planning on catching the 8 am ferry to Caye Caulker but my current landlord was sleeping so it was to be the 9 am ferry instead. The amount of barbed wire and gated businesses gave the impression people don't always like paying for goods and belongings … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 3

Belize Diaries – Day 2

So after a night of being rocked to sleep from a flimsy bunk bed with an active downstairs occupant, it's time for an early start and bus back to IAH. So far my bus skills have needed some work, and we're only one day in. The comedy continues. After stuffing the rest of last night's … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 2

Belize Diaries – Day 1

So I'd booked this trip some time ago, around the start of the year, which has to be one of the longest pre-booked trips I've done in a while. Well, the time has finally arrived and it's time to check in and take off my shoes for security. The first leg of the journey begins … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 1