Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

Travel means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Have you ever heard someone say they're travelling to put off being an adult? To put off real life? To put the responsibilities of growing up on hold? I have. More than once. And this way of thinking about travel is definitely … Continue reading Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

A Long Weekend: Vancouver Pride Festival

Image courtesy of: Summer here in Vancouver sees people out and about every weekend, not missing a chance to enjoy the outdoors while the sun is shining and everything is staying dry. This weekend was no different. Due to the wildfires in the interior of British Columbia, some of the worst on record, there has been … Continue reading A Long Weekend: Vancouver Pride Festival

Be comfortable on your own: Solo Travel, and why you should do it

I still remember the thoughts and emotions I was feeling when I was first getting ready to travel on my own. Top 3 thoughts and worries: Will I meet anyone on my trip How will I get out there and meet people Am I comfortable just being on my own for a while Depending on … Continue reading Be comfortable on your own: Solo Travel, and why you should do it

Colours of the World: Every Country has a Unique Shade

Have you ever noticed how a town, a city, or even a country, seems to have a distinct hue, it's very own shade of colour. There's three countries I have spent a significant amount of my life during my 31 years on this blue marble of ours. It's only after you move away, relocate to … Continue reading Colours of the World: Every Country has a Unique Shade

The Power of keeping a Travel Journal

For a boy, I don't think this is something we naturally, well, do. You won't find any evidence of my inner thoughts and desires when I was learning where babies come from and what girls are. Nope. Not me. To me it flew in the face of (my perception of) masculinity and was strictly reserved … Continue reading The Power of keeping a Travel Journal

Planting the seed for the next adventure

There's been many a time, after staying put for longer than usual, that the thought of taking a holiday or extended adventure just seems far too remote and an unlikely possibility in the near future (for God's sake, say it isn't so!). I know, what a sad thought. Not having something to look forward to tends to blur the days together and the pages are falling off the calendar without you noticing. What it's August already?? Last time I checked it was Tuesday. Fuck.

Standing out from the crowd

How do you show your face to the world, especially when you're face with different situations and in front of different and unfamiliar people? Are you beast mode extrovert? Or perhaps an introvert that does an excellent impression of a piece of furniture? You probably wear the same face no matter where you are or who you're with. But do you though?

Expectation, the silent killer

Just like the picture above, beware expectation. This could be full beer left behind by an inebriated patron, or a full glass of warm urine (and if memory serves, a testament to my aim and nefariousness).   As far as travel is concerned, there is nothing more disappointing and heartbreaking than having that trip, the … Continue reading Expectation, the silent killer

Motivation Monday

This morning was a difficult one. I'm generally up and about before 6 am every day, whether it's a week day or weekend. Today was a little harder, coming off a day drinking beer and putting in the kilometers on foot walking around the city. It was a sunny day and there was no way … Continue reading Motivation Monday