Do you even catch planes!?

Depending on where you live, the metal sky tube that serves alcohol and charges for leg room is your link to another country/culture/opinion of what is acceptable hygiene practices. I was born in the South Pacific and have lived, for almost equal time periods,  in New Zealand and Australia during my formative years. There was no other (time effective) option for visiting foreign nations. My Dad once took a ship from Australia to England when he was in his early 20's. This took something like 3 weeks from start to finish and those days are LONG gone.

Do you even Hostel!?

My favourite jumping off point once I've been released from Customs is checking into a hostel. Whether it's a short trip, or one that spans months (or even years), a great place to start off is in a hostel. Hostels come in a variety of shapes, sizes colours and smells. And oh the smells! The hostel is the hub for people who a like-minded travelers looking mingle, explore and adventure with, along with a dab of drinking and bed sharing, which are also known by-products of the hostel experience.

Do you even Airport?!

This subject is generally crucial to spring-boarding you to your next adventure. Sometimes you can perform the entry and exit from an airport with the form of an Olympic diver, barely making a splash in the water, or with the grace of an uncoordinated youth, belly flopping your way through customs, immigration and the general throng of travelers. There's no doubt that everyone has their fair share of stories and tales, from that guy who is amazed he has to bring his passport to fly international, to the lady who is straight faced in her attempt to pass off a suitcase that is bigger than herself as being fit for carry on luggage.