Review: Bulletproof Coffee

I’ve recently added a Bulletproof Coffee to my daily routine. This is a first-hand account of the ups and downs, benefits and side effects from this new take on how to prepare a coffee.

A different kind of hanging out

I’m a recent massive fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, and in his interviews there is always tips and advice related to health and exercise. These are mostly centered around jujitsu and MMA, but the lessons are easily translated into everyday routines. One beneficial thing I have recently incorporated into my daily exercise routine is HANGING….

Motivation Monday

This morning was a difficult one. I’m generally up and about before 6 am every day, whether it’s a week day or weekend. Today was a little harder, coming off a day drinking beer and putting in the kilometers on foot walking around the city. It was a sunny day and there was no way…

High Knees

Another easy and effective exercise that needs very little space and no special equipment is High Knees. This is amazing as both a warm-up exercise and mixed in with another exercise (like burpees for example) to keep your heart rate firing, improve your range of movement and compliment any HIIT routine. I like it especially…


To start, I would like to share an exercise that is probably the most all round beneficial to your body that can be performed anywhere, at any time. Ladies and gentlemen, the burpee. Please follow this link; burpees done right, to see it in action. You will regret and not regret doing this regularly, all at…