The under-rated Power adapter

I will admit, I am forever purchasing plug adapters every second time I head for an overseas destination. Try as I might to keep them in one place, I'm always missing the one I need when it's time to step out the door. Just as many times I take the wrong power adapter and am left with the equivalent of a square object for a round hole.

Leather card wallet

I wish I had this when I was jet setting around the world. This leather card wallet is a recent acquisition and a god send. I'm probably late to the party on things like this but it's too good not to share. A simple, cheap and effective means of carrying around cards and notes. Not … Continue reading Leather card wallet

All and Sundry Utility Pouch – by Crumpler

My brother in law got this for me a few years ago, and I actually had to look this up and see what it's intended purpose was for. It's listed as a carry pouch for laptop cables and accessories, but I found it excellent for carrying my travel documents and the numerous currencies you tend … Continue reading All and Sundry Utility Pouch – by Crumpler