I'll be honest, the name for this website does not inspire me with confidence. It could only be worse if there were a couple of 'z's' in the title. Luckily for me (and you) this site has to more to it than just a cheesy title. Like my other favourite travel website, Adioso, this website has numerous filters and preferences that you can use to tailor your search for the perfect flight with the best value for money.

This website has been my staple for booking places to stay for a number of years now. A lot of the places that I've reserved offer free cancellation within 24 hours of reservation, no deposit bookings, and an enormous selection of properties to choose from. Everything from 24 bed dorms to luxury resort palace living to extended rentals for that mega holiday you were planning for the last 3 years, you can find it all on here.


When traveling somewhere, I believe it is a basic requirement, let alone courtesy, to attempt to learn at least a little bit of the local language. 'Please', 'thank you', 'where is?', 'how much?' and 'hi, pleased to meet you' are the common starting points. The importance of making the effort to learn phrases such as these cannot be stressed enough. Don't you love it, regardless of the grammatical errors and heavy accent, when someone makes the attempt to strike up a conversation when you know full well this is not their primary language? You don't feel embarrassed for them, you go out of your way to make sure you understand what they are saying and give them any help they need.


Adioso This website is great for creating itineraries across multiple airlines and has excellent filters to ensure you get the best trip possible. The most useful of these are price, desired departure and arrival time and desired length of journey. I have used this service predominately  for booking my flights in recent years. Once you have … Continue reading Adioso