Guatemala Diaries – Day 7

I didn't actually need the alarm to wake up at 4:30 this morning. I've always had an uncanny (and irritating) habit of waking up just before my alarm when I have to catch a bus/taxi/plane in the morning. Further to that, I will also wake up at regular intervals throughout the entire night and my … Continue reading Guatemala Diaries – Day 7

Guatemala Diaries – Day 2

The bad news and the good news came all at once today. After a few beers on the hill in Flores, I was not in the mood for an early start. The previous evening I'd been informed that my bus was leaving at 5:30 am instead of 8 am. Through a conversation in broken Spanish … Continue reading Guatemala Diaries – Day 2

Belize Diaries – Day 6

I was smart last night and took the time to rehydrate before bed. There was not much on the cards apart from kayaking around the entire southern portion of Caye Caulker and catching up some people for an NFL game at the sports bar. After spending a day on a boat snorkelling, it was the … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 6

Belize Diaries – Day 4

Another restful night greeted with ninja like hostel companions. To say the least, I was not hopeful at best with the expected noise level of sharing a hostel dorm with 13 Colombians. To my delight, they were the most courteous roommates I think I've had. So far the weather on Caye Caulker has been rainy, … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 4

Hiking: Eagle Bluffs (Vancouver, CA)

The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend was also host to ringing in another anniversary of being born. As most of you might guess, autumn weather in the Pacific North West is fickle at best. We got lucky this weekend as the mother nature put on a spectacular show of clear blue skies and cool crisp temperatures. … Continue reading Hiking: Eagle Bluffs (Vancouver, CA)

How 2 weeks turned into 2 years – Part 1

As a preface to this piece, I used to work in the resources sector in Australia. My job required me to work away for between 2 to 3 weeks at a time, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Whether this makes you cringe or is something you can immediately relate to your everyday grind, it gave me the benefit of excellent pay while affording me 10 to 14 days off after each shift. This was the ultimate work life balance for a single male in their mid to late 20's. Flying home was not as appealing as turning my attention towards foreign shores in the hopes of leaving the red Western Australian dirt behind, replaced by days spent by the beach, swimming over coral reefs, treks through jungles, visiting ancient temples, and weeks spent up to my armpits in snow in the Japanese Alps.

5 Reasons To Not Travel…EVER

It ain’t right but it ain’t wrong! Everyone take note

Big Blue Planet

1. You Might Never Miss Home!
Traveling is all about leaving home so then you get to come home… but what if you find a place that feels like home? Don’t take that risk! Stay home, grab a book, and

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Do you even Hostel!?

My favourite jumping off point once I've been released from Customs is checking into a hostel. Whether it's a short trip, or one that spans months (or even years), a great place to start off is in a hostel. Hostels come in a variety of shapes, sizes colours and smells. And oh the smells! The hostel is the hub for people who a like-minded travelers looking mingle, explore and adventure with, along with a dab of drinking and bed sharing, which are also known by-products of the hostel experience.