Travel Advice (and why you should ignore it)

We humans love to give out advice. Absolutely love it. You think that you don't? Take a moment to reflect on some conversations or text threads you've had recently. Ah yes, there it is. In any case, apart from us loving the sound of our own voices and communicating our wisdom to all within earshot, … Continue reading Travel Advice (and why you should ignore it)

Trip wrap up – Belize and Guatemala

I thought I'd do a little wrap up from the recent trip to Belize and Guatemala. This was only a 3 week trip, dividing my time almost equally between both countries, in only a few towns total. This is an extremely short trip as far as most down this side of the American continent are … Continue reading Trip wrap up – Belize and Guatemala

Guatemala Diaries – Day 4

Yesterday at Semuc Champey was all time. A lot of cuts and bruises but made it out all in one piece. Some fellow travellers will be getting out there today for some fun in the sun. I actually walked past them as they were booking their trip while an insanely drunk local was rolling around … Continue reading Guatemala Diaries – Day 4

A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

This post is an amazingly refreshing read, especially when you are following travelling pages extolling the virtues of "MUST" and "DO NOT MISS" and various other phrases when referring to destinations and activities around the world. At the risk of muddying the message, please check it out for yourself to reach your own "ah ha" … Continue reading A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

Solo? So Date-able

Don't underestimate your inner strength and adaptability. Just read this inspiring post about the joys and adventure that come with solo travel. It's difficult to take that first step, but once you do ... Don't forget to visit this blog for more travel inspired and relate-able posts!   There was an article published by Hostel … Continue reading Solo? So Date-able

How 2 weeks turned into 2 years – Part 6

Honestly, I didn't think this series would go this long. At the same time, I didn't realise this would be its' conclusion. There's a magnetism, an attracting force, that constant movement and travel generates. Despite struggles, difficult conversations and strained finances, perpetual motion forces these potential obstacles into the background. Attention is engaged on the … Continue reading How 2 weeks turned into 2 years – Part 6

The Sobriety Experiment

I was looking back over some of my previous Motivation Monday posts (Youtube vids here, check them out), I've noticed that the common denominator in these videos is linked to alcohol and the need to work past the energy draining side effects. I literally woke up on a Tuesday morning 3 weeks ago feeling utterly … Continue reading The Sobriety Experiment

Have you met Paige? — YOUR LIFE DECODED

Inspiration, motivation and taking you own advice and following your own path. Actions talk, bullshit walks! Paige Nicole Hudson is an amazing example of someone who takes consistent action towards what she wants despite adversity. Just to give you sneak peak, here’s some of her accomplishments to date: Ms. Playboy Social 2014 Host coffee talk … Continue reading Have you met Paige? — YOUR LIFE DECODED