Layovers – love them or hate them, you can’t get away from them

You can expect the dreaded layover if you decide to venture abroad, and your expected time in the air exceeds a few hours. Time spent waiting for your next connection can be anywhere from sprinting to the next gate to catch your connecting flight, to setting up camp and thwarting opportunist thieves by entwining yourself … Continue reading Layovers – love them or hate them, you can’t get away from them

Travel Advice (and why you should ignore it)

We humans love to give out advice. Absolutely love it. You think that you don't? Take a moment to reflect on some conversations or text threads you've had recently. Ah yes, there it is. In any case, apart from us loving the sound of our own voices and communicating our wisdom to all within earshot, … Continue reading Travel Advice (and why you should ignore it)

A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

This post is an amazingly refreshing read, especially when you are following travelling pages extolling the virtues of "MUST" and "DO NOT MISS" and various other phrases when referring to destinations and activities around the world. At the risk of muddying the message, please check it out for yourself to reach your own "ah ha" … Continue reading A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

Travel means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Have you ever heard someone say they're travelling to put off being an adult? To put off real life? To put the responsibilities of growing up on hold? I have. More than once. And this way of thinking about travel is definitely … Continue reading Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

How 2 weeks turned into 2 years – Part 1

As a preface to this piece, I used to work in the resources sector in Australia. My job required me to work away for between 2 to 3 weeks at a time, 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Whether this makes you cringe or is something you can immediately relate to your everyday grind, it gave me the benefit of excellent pay while affording me 10 to 14 days off after each shift. This was the ultimate work life balance for a single male in their mid to late 20's. Flying home was not as appealing as turning my attention towards foreign shores in the hopes of leaving the red Western Australian dirt behind, replaced by days spent by the beach, swimming over coral reefs, treks through jungles, visiting ancient temples, and weeks spent up to my armpits in snow in the Japanese Alps.

5 Reasons To Not Travel…EVER

It ain’t right but it ain’t wrong! Everyone take note

Big Blue Planet

1. You Might Never Miss Home!
Traveling is all about leaving home so then you get to come home… but what if you find a place that feels like home? Don’t take that risk! Stay home, grab a book, and

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Standing out from the crowd

How do you show your face to the world, especially when you're face with different situations and in front of different and unfamiliar people? Are you beast mode extrovert? Or perhaps an introvert that does an excellent impression of a piece of furniture? You probably wear the same face no matter where you are or who you're with. But do you though?

A different kind of hanging out

I'm a recent massive fan of the Joe Rogan podcast, and in his interviews there is always tips and advice related to health and exercise. These are mostly centered around jujitsu and MMA, but the lessons are easily translated into everyday routines. One beneficial thing I have recently incorporated into my daily exercise routine is HANGING. … Continue reading A different kind of hanging out

High Knees

Another easy and effective exercise that needs very little space and no special equipment is High Knees. This is amazing as both a warm-up exercise and mixed in with another exercise (like burpees for example) to keep your heart rate firing, improve your range of movement and compliment any HIIT routine. I like it especially … Continue reading High Knees


To start, I would like to share an exercise that is probably the most all round beneficial to your body that can be performed anywhere, at any time. Ladies and gentlemen, the burpee. Please follow this link; burpees done right, to see it in action. You will regret and not regret doing this regularly, all at … Continue reading Burpees