Guatemala Diaries – Day 6

You know when you say something and you know you've immediately jinxed it for yourself? Well I suggest you don't voice your appreciation that there's no roosters that live near to where you're spending the night. My van was scheduled for an 8 am departure, but I didn't need an alarm as the local rooster … Continue reading Guatemala Diaries – Day 6

Guatemala Diaries – Day 5

Waking up to the sound of the jungle and rain hitting a tin roof is something else. The day has started off steamy and the feeling of immersion in the Guatemala is real. It's market day today, and Lanquín is buzzing. It's a dramatic change from the sleepy (and drunk) town it was yesterday. There's … Continue reading Guatemala Diaries – Day 5

A Long Weekend: Vancouver Pride Festival

Image courtesy of: Summer here in Vancouver sees people out and about every weekend, not missing a chance to enjoy the outdoors while the sun is shining and everything is staying dry. This weekend was no different. Due to the wildfires in the interior of British Columbia, some of the worst on record, there has been … Continue reading A Long Weekend: Vancouver Pride Festival