Layovers – love them or hate them, you can’t get away from them

You can expect the dreaded layover if you decide to venture abroad, and your expected time in the air exceeds a few hours. Time spent waiting for your next connection can be anywhere from sprinting to the next gate to catch your connecting flight, to setting up camp and thwarting opportunist thieves by entwining yourself … Continue reading Layovers – love them or hate them, you can’t get away from them

Belize Diaries – Day 1

So I'd booked this trip some time ago, around the start of the year, which has to be one of the longest pre-booked trips I've done in a while. Well, the time has finally arrived and it's time to check in and take off my shoes for security. The first leg of the journey begins … Continue reading Belize Diaries – Day 1

A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

This post is an amazingly refreshing read, especially when you are following travelling pages extolling the virtues of "MUST" and "DO NOT MISS" and various other phrases when referring to destinations and activities around the world. At the risk of muddying the message, please check it out for yourself to reach your own "ah ha" … Continue reading A Farewell to Thailand — The Partying Traveler

Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

Travel means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Have you ever heard someone say they're travelling to put off being an adult? To put off real life? To put the responsibilities of growing up on hold? I have. More than once. And this way of thinking about travel is definitely … Continue reading Travel and “Real Life”: Does one put off the other? Walking the fine line.

Colours of the World: Every Country has a Unique Shade

Have you ever noticed how a town, a city, or even a country, seems to have a distinct hue, it's very own shade of colour. There's three countries I have spent a significant amount of my life during my 31 years on this blue marble of ours. It's only after you move away, relocate to … Continue reading Colours of the World: Every Country has a Unique Shade

Solo? So Date-able

Don't underestimate your inner strength and adaptability. Just read this inspiring post about the joys and adventure that come with solo travel. It's difficult to take that first step, but once you do ... Don't forget to visit this blog for more travel inspired and relate-able posts!   There was an article published by Hostel … Continue reading Solo? So Date-able

Do you even catch planes!?

Depending on where you live, the metal sky tube that serves alcohol and charges for leg room is your link to another country/culture/opinion of what is acceptable hygiene practices. I was born in the South Pacific and have lived, for almost equal time periods,  in New Zealand and Australia during my formative years. There was no other (time effective) option for visiting foreign nations. My Dad once took a ship from Australia to England when he was in his early 20's. This took something like 3 weeks from start to finish and those days are LONG gone.

Planting the seed for the next adventure

There's been many a time, after staying put for longer than usual, that the thought of taking a holiday or extended adventure just seems far too remote and an unlikely possibility in the near future (for God's sake, say it isn't so!). I know, what a sad thought. Not having something to look forward to tends to blur the days together and the pages are falling off the calendar without you noticing. What it's August already?? Last time I checked it was Tuesday. Fuck.

Pack your bags, then do it again.. and then one more time

There's a lot of material out there on the travel essentials that any self respecting traveler should include in their luggage/backpack/plastic bag. An essential piece of advice is you don't need most of it. We're all guilty of taking things with us for the "just in case" scenario. Just in case you hike a mountain, run a marathon, build a tree house, cure cancer. The list is can be daunting and you want to be ready for anything.

Standing out from the crowd

How do you show your face to the world, especially when you're face with different situations and in front of different and unfamiliar people? Are you beast mode extrovert? Or perhaps an introvert that does an excellent impression of a piece of furniture? You probably wear the same face no matter where you are or who you're with. But do you though?